This site is the cat’s pajamas


Video here.

The title of my video is simply “Philly Sports Planet.” It is a “interview or documentary portrait that introduces viewers to a key person or element of your site”

The filming for my project was shot on a Canon HD digital camera, with a home-made slider used to guide the camera to shoot the football in the introduction. This camera is a very high-quality camera, and it was originally shot in HD, although compressing the video destroyed the HD quality. It is relevant to the content because it was shot in the style of a news broadcast, and that camera is even better than the ones we use for Temple Update. Both wide and close shots were used during filming, like in a real newscast.

This video enhances my site by adding humor. I did a spoof of ESPN for my project because I want to go into broadcasting but I also wanted to have fun doing this. It is located on the page titled “Video” on the top bar of the site.


Ryan Hutchison

Aaron Meehan

News Anchors
Ryan Hutchison
Maria Lazowski

Sawyer Beckley

Wide Receiver
Brennen Dickerson

Eagles Fan
Julia Whitbeck

Ryan Hutchison
Aaron Meehan

Aaron Meehan


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